How does 3-factor authentication make transactions secure on Airtel Thanks App? Read on!


Online financial fraud is not a new thing. Studies claim that approximately 30% of Indians have been victims of online payment fraud at least once in their lives. And when you look at our population, that’s not a small number.

This makes it even more important for us to ensure that the payment methods we use for online transactions are absolutely safe and secure. And when it comes to security nothing beats our most preferred online payment app in India, the “Airtel Thanks” app. All thanks to its 3-factor authentication feature called “Safe Pay”.

What is Safe Pay – Airtel’s 3-factor Authentication?

Airtel Payments Bank brings to you the safest way to pay for online transactions. While several banks or wallets provide a 2-factor authentication, Airtel Payments Bank is the only bank offering 3-factor authentication. This means you get an additional layer of security and no money leaves your account without your final approval.

In simple terms, “Safe Pay” is a security feature that can be availed by any Airtel Payments Bank Savings Account customer with an Airtel Mobile number linked to the account. Under this feature, the user gets an additional real-time alert at the time of a UPI or Net banking transaction right before the amount is debited. Thus, you get to choose if a transaction made via your Airtel Payments Bank account goes through or not.

How Does Safe Pay’s 3-factor Authentication Make Transactions Secure?

Airtel Payments Bank’s Safe Pay feature is all that you need for a safe and secure online transaction. Once enabled, Safe Pay uses Airtel Network Intelligence to send real-time alerts to your mobile number before any UPI or Net Banking transaction is finalized, completely free of cost. This makes it the safest way to pay as you won’t be charged before responding to pay alerts.

Safe Pay works on both Net Banking and UPI transactions giving you that much needed additional layer of security that no other bank or wallet partner provides. Moreover, these real-time alerts expire within 5-7 seconds and ensure that no transaction goes through without your confirmation.

The best part about Safe Pay? No exposure to your primary bank account. You will be making transactions through your Airtel Payments Bank account with a maximum balance cap of INR 1 Lakh. In short, it serves to be the perfect solution to make sure that your online payments happen smoothly without any hiccups.

How To Transact Using Safe Pay?

Along with utmost care to give you the best security, Airtel also focuses on making your online transactions quick and easy. All you need to do is follow these 3 steps and your online payment will be done in minutes:

Step 1 – Enable Airtel Safe Pay On Airtel Thanks

Download the Airtel Thanks app and get an Airtel Payments Bank account linked to your Airtel mobile number. Now open the app and enable Airtel Safe Pay for your account.

Step 2 – Initiate Net Banking Or UPI

Start performing your UPI or Net Banking transactions as you usually would. Enter all the details and proceed to pay after adding the mPIN and other details.

Step 3 – Authorize Alerts On The Phone

You’ll get an alert on your phone with the linked mobile number. Simply authorize the Airtel Safe Pay alert to complete your transactions.

That’s it! Your online transaction is complete in the most secure and safe way possible. Without further ado, get the best online payment app in India and experience the safest way to make online payments with Airtel Safe Pay’s 3-factor authentication.

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