5 Amazing Long Life CCTV Hard Drives


Running a CCTV system is integral to looking after your property is always a good idea, protecting what you own and guarding your home and business with ease. However, without the right storage, you lose all of the oversight of your property. That’s where a CCTV hard drive comes in. Read on to find out more about 5 amazing long life CCTV hard drives and the best solutions for your security’s storage.

12TB Seagate Skyhawk Surveillance

One of the best drives on the market is the 12TB Seagate Skyhawk Surveillance drive. This hard drive packs 12TB, enough for four recording channels to film over six months of footage. This means that in the event of any problems you can look back a significant length of time to ensure your family’s safety. Furthermore, Seagate is renowned for its quality and reliability, making this a trustworthy drive.

3TB Sonnics HDD

Amongst the pantheon of CCTV hard drives, smaller drives exist amongst the much larger option. Sonnics is a smaller brand with a 3TB drive that packs quite the punch. For a more affordable starter option in your home CCTV network, making full use of a small Sonnics HDD is a great way forward. This drive can handle over a month of footage too, giving you a full view of your system comfortably after incidents occur.

10TB Toshiba HDD Surveillance CCTV

This 10TB Toshiba drive does everything that you want from a CCTV drive. The largest of Toshiba’s range, the hard drive takes storage to the next level and packs in months of footage. Known for high performance, if not necessarily the same reliability as brands like SanDisk, Toshiba’s offering takes innovations from across Toshiba’s range of tech products. With cooling and reliability built on decades of institutional experience, Toshiba is a trustworthy company for your needs.

80GB Sonnics HDD

Where Sonnics’ last offering was smaller than average, this option is positively dainty. Standing at just 80GB, the Sonnics HDD is perfect for creating security solutions that you turn on for short bursts, such as the time you’re out of the house. An affordable option that knows what it does best, don’t rule out this Sonnics drive just because of its size, as it is a reliable option you can trust for short, sharp surveillance.

2TB Toshiba HDD Surveillance CCTV

Although the 2TB Toshiba drive is smaller than other options, this Toshiba drive supports up to 64 cameras at any one time. All that data puts significant wear on the hard drive, but Toshiba drives are designed to take that data load repeatedly, acting as a reliable option you know you can trust.

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