Yubo 101: How a Trending New Social Media Company is Changing How We Interact


There is a difference between engaging with social media and using it to connect. Yubo is a live social discovery platform that found its way to the internet in 2015. Founded in France, Yubo quickly gained a foothold for its live video and audio streaming services backed by innovative best-in-class technology to ensure the safety and sanctity of its space for the large Gen Z user base.

Now with more than 60 million users across 140 countries around the globe, Yubo is making a name for itself in even larger spaces. Let’s get up close and personal with the social media platform removing likes and follows in exchange for a genuine connection.

The Live Connection of Yubo

Yubo as a platform has taken a rather significant and dramatic step away from the typical structure set in place by platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Instead of Likes and Follows, users are pushed to engage with one another through live instantaneous connection. Individuals can do this by decorating their profile with the profile tag feature that allows them to enhance it so that like-minded users can find it.

Additionally, Yubo operates with a series of safety features that allow users to cultivate the experience to meet their needs. Yubo has a “Muted Words” feature allows individuals to ban certain words, phrases, or emoji from appearing in their feed. This is just one way that Yubo is empowering its users to make the social media platform work for them.

Live Streaming in International Markets

As a company founded on innovation in the live-streaming space, Yubo is offering industry-leading services in four international markets, including Canada, the U.K., Australia, and the United States. Yubo is working to collaborate with Hive to create a live moderating system that keeps users safe and protected even within the previously murky confines of a live stream.

The Hive system utilizes AI to scan and quickly transcribe 10-second audio clips. These clips are then analyzed for potential violations or risky behaviors, including self-harm or threats of violence. If something is detected, it is sent to a live Safety Specialist to perform an actual investigation.

With multiple layers of protective security features, Yubo is working hard to make a space where users can connect across space and potential shared interests. Yubo is also working with the team at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to integrate its “Take it Down” service to remove non-consensual images of under-18 subjects.

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