4 Budget-Friendly Marketing Tips for a Women’s Day Event


Undoubtedly underappreciated often in society, women deserve to feel special. And what better way to show them than to plan a Women’s Day event that’s focused on uplifting the hardworking and caring women in your circle?

Of course, the first step in making any event a success is to market it, and the same holds true for your Women’s Day event. But how exactly do you go about doing this when you’re working with a budget?

Well, all it requires is some strategic planning! Here’s how to promote your Women’s Day event on a budget:

  • Print those Flyers

When marketing on a budget, flyers are probably the first promotional tool that comes to mind. Not only are they cost-friendly – especially if you skip the printing and go down the digital route and share them with your targeted audience via social media, WhatsApp, or even email – but they’re also proven to be effective throughout marketing history.

Easy to keep, a great mix of visuals and text, and attention-grabbing as it often lands right in the audiences’ hands, a flyer can give your Women’s Day event the marketing boost that it needs. And if the design is what you’re concerned about, then simply head to PosterMyWall and explore their range of Women’s Day flyers.

The platform boasts an immense variety of templates, so you’re sure to find one that matches your requirements – and if you still need to make adjustments, then you can simply customize as you see fit. And since the PosterMyWall tool is easy-to-use and beginner-friendly, you won’t need to hire an additional resource to make these adjustments for you!

Once your flyers are ready, simply print them out and distribute them.

  • Support a Charity or Women’s Organization

You might be wondering, how will linking my Women’s Day event to a charity or women’s organization do anything for its marketing? Well, it’s simple. Once you announce that your event will be donating proceeds to a women’s cause, it’s likely to get picked up by social activists, philanthropists, and people in general who strongly believe in the issue that you’re supporting.

Not only will this broaden your target audience, but you can also ask the organization or charity that you’ve selected to publicize your event on their social media handles and publication channels. These added marketing efforts will help propel your Women’s Day event to straight success!

  • Embrace Email Marketing

With billions of dollars being spent on email marketing strategies by companies year after year, it’s safe to say that email marketing works – and you can try it out for your Women’s Day event too!

When designing an email campaign, there are a couple of things to keep in mind, with the first being consistency. Simply sending one email is likely to do little for your Women’s Day event. Instead, you should aim to create an email campaign that spans a couple of weeks and builds up hype about your event while keeping your audience engaged.

When sending out emails, your goal is to achieve a high open and conversion rate, and there are a few elements that you can add to your emails to reach this. Starting with the subject line – since it’s the first thing your recipients will see – you should try to either address the recipient by name, add in a deadline-linked date such as the last day to register, and mention a special offering. All of these will draw attention and result in the target audience engaging with your email campaign.

  • Market it on Instagram

Nowadays, everything happens on Instagram. From making hangout plans to posting life updates to finding the hottest events to attend, Instagram is the go-to social media app for staying updated with the new and the old, which is why putting your Women’s Day event on the platform will get people talking about it.

Create a profile dedicated to your event and populate it with feed posts, reels, and stories that talk about your event and get people hyped. Apart from sharing fun bits of information, also remember to communicate your event details with your followers to guarantee a turnout. And don’t forget to use trending hashtags and optimized keywords to push your content to the right audience. Even better, get into the world of Instagram influencers and have online personalities promote your event!

So, if you’re looking to promote a Women’s Day event on a budget, then these tips and tricks are your go-to. Just be sure to customize according to your requirements, and your event will be a success!

Source: (https://unsplash.com/photos/Zyx1bK9mqmA)

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