What Should You Pay Close Attention To When Evaluating EV Charging Solutions?


You’re considering the idea of making your place of business more appealing to people who own electric vehicles. This often means ensuring there are several EV charging solutions situated in the parking lot. How will you go about choosing the best stations for the job? Here are some basics to keep in mind as you compare the different station designs.

Compatibility With Most Electric Vehicles

While most of the vehicles manufactured in the United States and Canada utilize the same type of plug for charging, there is no universal option that applies in all cases. It’s best to take a good look at what makes and models are sold in the area, and then opt for charging stations that can accommodate those models.

Doing so will mean more of your customers will be able to connect to the stations and let their cars charge while they shop. In fact, knowing the cars are charging may be incentive for people to linger a little longer, and possibly indulge in a little impulse buying.

How Fast the Charging Stations Work

Look closely at the specifications that come with each of the stations. You want to know the top speed that the units can charge any connected vehicle. While you can’t control all the factors that relate to the speed, making sure that the stations found on your property offer the best possible speeds will help.

This is another way that you can provide a service to your customer base. Along with the convenience of using the stations, the fact that they charge faster than the ones found near your main competitors will provide one more reason to do business with you.

The Ease of Use

No one is interested in spending time learning how to operate a charging station. For this reason, focus your attention on stations that require no more than a few basic steps to connect and begin the charge. This will definitely please your client base.

Ideally, the EV charging solutions that you install in your store parking lot will be no more difficult to operate than a standard gasoline pump. If there are only three or four steps involved, most people will master them in no time. See it as one more way to make things easier for your customers.

The Cost of Maintenance and Upkeep

As you compare different models of charging stations, take the time to learn more about the upkeep and maintenance of each design. The goal is to find stations that won’t require constant care in order to operate efficiently. Doing so will keep the time and resources you devote to this endeavor at a minimum.

Find out what sort of service contracts can be purchased to go along with the stations. Many manufacturers offer plans that take care of most of the maintenance. There may also be discounts that will apply if any covered repairs need to be made.

Choose the electric vehicle charging stations with care. Your goal is to go with stations that provide the highest level of efficiency while having the potential to last for a number of years. Once they are in place, you’ll be surprised at how much they help make you stand out from the competitors that operate near your place of business.