The ultimate re-branding checklist


Every day it seems like a new company goes through a rebranding process. While this can transform a company’s image and reputation, it doesn’t come without hard work getting there. If you’re thinking about putting your company through a rebrand, you need to make sure you’ve covered all your bases before going public with the world. Fear not! We’ve put together the perfect checklist to make rebranding a breeze for you and your team. Keep reading to find out more.

Should you rebrand your company?

Rebranding your company takes a lot of work. Before you decide to take the plunge, make sure you have valid reasons for a rebrand. These can include:

– There have been notable changes at your company, such as a merger or acquisition
– Your company has changed the products or services it sells
– Your current brand is seen in a negative light
– The market has changed and jeopardised your current brand
– Another company has a similar name which makes establishing a digital presence difficult

If you’re looking to rebrand simply because other companies are doing it or want to generate buzz with your target audience, you may want to rethink your strategy. Rebranding your company tells the world you’re doing something different, so going through a rebrand “just because” may negatively affect your reputation.

Rebranding your company

Once you’re absolutely sure that your company is ready for a full rebrand, you need to make sure you tick all of the boxes in order to rebrand successfully, including:


While most marketing experts wouldn’t suggest changing your name, sometimes there isn’t an alternative. If you’re looking to rebrand because your previous name was associated with something negative, choose a new name that isn’t associated with your previous name and stands out.

New logo

Companies change their logos all the time. While this can be a risky move when it comes to brand recognition, it’s also a great way to breathe new life into your company and make customers notice you.

New colours

If you’re looking to undergo a full visual rebrand, you also need to think about your new company colours. Think long and hard about the colours you choose, as these will form the base of the majority of your marketing material for years to come.

New mission statement

If you’re putting your company through a rebrand, you want to make sure your new mission statement wows your target audience. Think long and hard about what the goal of your company is and what values you want to align your brand to. While brands used to be able to get away with an impersonal approach, people are responding to intimate and friendly brands more than ever. It’s imperative that this is reflected in your new copy.

Make sure your team is aligned

It’s a good idea to have your marketing team create a deck they can share with the wider teams at your company listing the details of your rebrand. This can include email signatures, new logos, ways of thinking, etc. You need to make sure everyone thoroughly understands the rebrand.

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