Take Your Distribution Strategy Level Higher with the Best Direct Store Delivery Software


The surge in online purchases has spurred many businesses to look beyond day-to-day delivery solutions. The extra efforts have given such companies the zeal to invest in better technology and stand out above the competition. This is why many companies are switching to a direct store delivery model and find it quite effective.

Further, retail businesses are investing in direct store delivery software to improve their distribution process. This article will explore this distribution strategy and why you should invest in the best direct store delivery application.

Let’s get started.

A Detailed Overview of Direct Store Delivery 

Direct store delivery (DSD) is a distribution process where the supplier delivers the goods directly to the retailer’s store for sale instead of sending them to warehouses or other centers. It’s an effective distribution strategy in restaurants, pharmacies, and grocery and retail stores. Many businesses opt for direct store delivery because running a successful venture has become less profitable, and the competition is fierce.

DSD has gained popularity over the years thanks to the many perks it guarantees. They include the following:

  1. It guarantees faster delivery of merchandise. Businesses can direct their time and effort to other profitable activities.
  2. It’s more effective for shipping fragile and highly perishable goods.
  3. It helps reduce storage and labor costs as the merchandise is not stored at third-party warehouses.
  4. It helps build better relationships with end market players.
  5. Boosts seasonal selling of goods such as festival merchandise

Implementing Contactless Direct Store Delivery

Implementing a practical DSD process can be daunting and overwhelming if you’re a novice in the industry. The process may involve:

  • Planning your strategy
  • Building a market presence
  • Identifying your delivery routes
  • Deploying and managing the delivery fleet

But why stress when you can invest in top-notch DSD software?

With direct store delivery (DSD) software, businesses can automate their operations and find an easier way to get from point A to B. When looking for the best DSD software, choose a type that suits your distribution needs. Key features of DSD software to consider include the following:

  • Work Orders- Businesses can create orders for clients and partners who need deliveries within specified deadlines.
  • Inventory Management- Your DSD software will help track real-time inventory changes and eliminate clumsy logistics. It will be easy for suppliers to forecast when replenishment is necessary.
  • Route optimization- You’ll develop the best routes your drivers or fleets can follow and reduce delivery times. It will also be easy to increase the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and usage.
  • Food Traceability- The software is FIFO (first-in/first-out) and LIFO (Last-in/first-out) requirements in mind. Businesses will stay compliant with the best storage methods and know where their products come from and where they are going.
  • Barcode Scanning-It will be faster and easy to mark and scan products with barcodes. You won’t stress tracking your deliveries.
  • Loss Prevention- DSD software helps avert inventory shrinkage. A business will control precisely how merchandise is delivered by mitigating employee theft, damage, and vendor fraud.

Summing Up 

Direct store delivery is a practical solution to merchandise distribution. It improves delivery by setting up omni-channel visibility, optimizing customer services, training your employees, and focusing on inventory management. Implementing such strategies may be demanding, but why stress when you can invest in DSD software?

With your direct store delivery (DSD) software, you’ll reduce labor costs, increase sales, and improve customer experience. You’ll no longer stress about tracing and managing inventory, handling fleet routes and deliveries, or getting analytics to match market demand forecasts. If you don’t know how to use or implement the software into your distribution strategy, feel free to consult experts and learn more.

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