Smart Recruiting for Your Growing Company


The quality of the company’s work depends directly on the expertise and the proficiency of the staff. Outsourcing recruitment keeps the company focused on its core tasks, but quite often it’s very complicated to answer the needs of the growing business in supplying the right IT staff. Let us look more closely at the concepts, how to overcome this challenge.

When do you need to invite outsourced software developers?

  • The company needs to optimize HR-management

Recruiting is what your HR department should be doing all the time. But with a heavy workload, they can’t find new staff as quickly as needed. Outsourcing will help the business cope with the task of recruiting employees, thereby optimizing the company’s management system. Many international companies have long used this type of service.

  • The company cannot meet the need for high-skilled IT specialists

Outsourcing will help you to find top professionals not only in the local labor market but also internationally. The employee will answer your needs, which will allow you to quickly expand the full-time team. If necessary, the regular team can be downsized.

  • The company urgently needs to hire more staff for the particular project

The recruiting agency rapidly scales a full-time or temporary staff. This will save the company money and internal resources to process a large-scale hiring program. In a situation where you need to quickly provide a solution to a problem and it requires a coherent, effective command – there is a sense of outsourcing software development to a dedicated team. It means not hiring individual employees, but bringing in an entire team. Thus, external developers are invited for a certain project, no time is lost in training, introduction to the business standards, management – all this is solved within the outsourcing dedicated development team. So there is no additional cost for keeping extra hands all the time. You can call an external expert group when need them. Involved in your working processes, they’re always at hand by your request.

There is a need for new recruitment practices

By giving recruitment to an outsourcing provider, experienced people with the latest personnel selection practices will hire new employees not only for the office but also for the remote type of work. This is a benefit of a quality hiring process, reducing the risk of employee turnover.

  • The company launches the product on the Global Market

Talented employees will help companies succeed. International recruitment is not easy: language skills, cultural obstacles, and physical distance. Working with outsourcing partners will help overcome all obstacles with their knowledge of the international market and local specifics.

  • The company has no tools or new technologies to find candidates

IT technology in recruitment is a new source in the talent search. This is quick identification and search of specialists, involvement of «inert» candidates, selection of employees with relevant experience, and reduction of hiring time. High-quality outsourcing services will provide the company with new IT tools. The company saves funds to train competent recruiters and buy the appropriate operating license.

  •  Reducing the legal risks

Outsourcing recruitment will help attract experts in labor law. Experts know how to comply with local and federal labor standards. The company’s worries about lawsuits from employees will relieve.

What the selection process looks like:

  • Creation of a strategy for achieving the company’s challenges;
  • Search and monitor applicants;
  • Testing and interview of selected applicants;
  • Conducting interviews at the customer’s location;
  • Solution of all questions before the contract between the customer and the candidate;
  • Helping the specialist at the beginning of his work for maximum efficiency.

Several types of recruiting can be outsourced

For a single project

It’s the recruitment of staff to work on one specific project. A narrow staffing search is solved in a short period.

The one year

The company transfers the right to recruit staff to the agency for one year. An additional service is responsible for the complete staffing process. This includes placement of vacancies, advertising companies about the vacancy, and the final recruitment of an employee to the staff.

The modular approach

The service is the realization of some recruitment procedures. For example, reading and filtering job responses, meeting with candidates, testing. The rest is done by the HR department of the client company.

What else do you need to know about outsourcing recruitment services


This is a service package to assist a staff member who has been laid off because of downsizing. It’s about helping them find a new job. There are several advantages to this service. A civilized way to end the labor relationship will strengthen the company’s image. Dismissal in this program is less stressful. They will help to find a new job even in a difficult economic situation. The risk of litigation is minimized. Good relations with former staff are kept, as is a positive atmosphere in the remaining team.

Out staffing

Most companies today prefer this form of interaction with staff. In other words, it’s a borrowed labor. Employees work for you, but their employer is an intermediary organization. The intermediary organization provides the company with staff. It solves all the legal matters for them. If the staff member is unsuitable, the provider organization will replace the staff member, so no one is fired. The same company selects the staff, their salaries, and formalities. More often order such professions as IT specialists, translators, marketing specialists, designers, and secretaries.


The focus on outsourcing and outstaffing may only increase in the coming years. To achieve the best ROI, each business has to optimize the processes. It’s especially vital for complicated tasks, like software development. To invite the expert team for execution of the particular project, which later on will be supported by a single IT engineer, can be much more effective, than to teach the current staff to execute one specific project, wasting weeks on the issues, which can be done within hours. Like for example, blockchain platform development. By keeping in mind all the opportunities outsourcing provides to the company, the business may be more flexible and implement the necessary changes quicker.

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