Python Programming & Its Importance In Machine Learning


Python programming is doing more than just contributing to the next post you’ll see on your social feeds. In fact, it’s feeding the future technology associated with augmented site solutions that contribute to powering recognition technology. Python is helping organizations build applications capable of leveraging smartphone cameras to intelligently identify complex visual inputs and deliver accurate results. One such project, developed by gifted teams at the Smithsonian and talented computer scientists at both the University of Maryland and Columbia, is known as LeafSnap. This application utilizes machine learning algorithms to allow its users to simply snap a picture of a leaf from a tree around them and Leafsnap will correctly provide the species of the tree in addition to highly detailed information regarding the tree; such as the tree’s flowers, the fruit that grows from it and what the seeds look like. More importantly, thanks to the machine learning algorithms that power this app, the pictures uploaded by users helps strengthen the app to provide more accurate information to new users as well. While this is truly remarkable, more and more remarkable technologies are being birthed as a result of Python. To learn more about them and how Python is contributing to them, please read on the resource highlighted alongside this post.

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