eSignature integration for Salesforce



Since the pandemic, non-traditional or remote means of document execution have proliferated. One of them is eSignatures. eSignatures are legally valid and speed business processes considerably. They also bring integrations that help people sign and send documents easily from their everyday business tools. Signeasy for Salesforce, an eSignature integration for Salesforce, is a modern and secure add-on for users looking for an easy eSigning experience. Let’s take a deeper look at the offering:

How do eSignature tools impact modern sales teams?

Electronic signatures were established to make the process of document signing easier. This enables one to save both money and time. Documents often require signatures at numerous places. Teams spend a lot of time manually sending, signing, and following up on sales contracts. Avoiding paper-based procedures by employing online signature methods can help businesses save significant money. Electronic signatures eliminate the cost of postage, ink, paper, couriers, printing, faxing, and more.

Also, with almost everyone having a smartphone today, business folks can sign documents without downloading any software or apps with eSignature solutions. This enhances the solution’s usability. Customers can share and sign contracts from any internet-connected device anytime and anywhere. eSignatures have revolutionized sales processes with manual document signing processes being digitized.

eSignatures help sales teams enhance deal conversions

eSignatures can help sales teams with multiple uses, not only with the signing of sales agreements and documents. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, only 39% of a sales rep’s time is spent communicating with prospects or selling to customers. HBR data shows salespeople spend nearly 21% of their time on administrative work. Once the sales staff uses electronic signatures, you can observe the improvement in that company’s workflow processes. Once all paperwork becomes digital, it allows the workforce to effortlessly share precise information within the same system without any risk of losing data while in transit.

Improved document workflows

Single POCs are a massive problem in the sales process. Multiple people have to be chased after when reviewing and signing documents. However, eSignatures helps the sales staff send the document out, define the signers and signing order, and so on.

Streamlines the selling process

Depending on the product or service and by observing the data available, sales reps can stay on top of the sales cycle. eSignatures also help sales teams position and sell their products or services more efficiently.

Enhanced relationships with customers

Customer reps chasing after customers with follow-ups can frustrate customers, ruining relationships. Automated system-generated reminders are an excellent alternative. Businesses can maintain better customer relationships, and the sales team can meet their targets without any last-minute scrambles and panics.

Guarantee legally binding audit trails

The physical contract signing process costs more time and money, but a security risk is involved. Once a contract is posted, one has little control over what happens next. By incorporating eSignature technology, sales leaders can entirely alleviate the risk by knowing exactly where the contract is and whether it has been seen, received, and signed. Moreover, date stamping and built-in time-tracking within eSignature tools offer an audit trail of every conversation, edit, or contract.

Signeasy for salesforce – a workflow program built for high-growth sales teams

No sales tool is an island. While digital transformation provides countless opportunities for an effective sales process, all the gains in speed and time are lost if the tools do not integrate properly. Luckily, most eSignature tools can now be directly integrated into Salesforce, so sales teams can nurture prospect relationships and handle customer renewals and accounts all in one place, thus harnessing synergies between both platforms. Signeasy is just one example. The tool seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, offering management a total overview of contracts for signature, signature conversions, the average time to sign by rep, and other key metrics.

It can be set up easily.

Signeasy can be set up in 3 simple steps, as follows:

  1. Launch the App Exchange available on Salesforce and then install Signeasy.
  2. Select the environment (Sandbox or Production).
  3. Link the Signeasy account with Salesforce and then roll it out to the team.

The whole setup process of Signeasy is very easy to implement and does not require any assistance from the Signeasy customer support team. Click here to visit Signeasy’s Help section, which is dedicated to Salesforce integration.

Easy to use

Sales sta can also set up document templates within Salesforce and offer them to huge sales groups for signing in minutes. The following are a few of the ways that Signeasy’s capabilities can be used within Salesforce:

  • Use an original Signeasy template, upload a new one, create new template maps, and integrate information from Salesforce into the documents.
  • Set the signing order, add signers, and send a document and envelopes (containing multiple documents) out to customers quickly to sign within Salesforce. Send a document or envelopes (containing multiple documents) out to customers quickly to sign within Salesforce.
  • Signeasy ensures that only the latest document version is available for eSignatures, and reminders are sent automatically to check the status of the opportunity within

Ease of purchase

Signeasy offers customers excellent support along with great pricing that is cost-effective and transparent.


Organizations worldwide are choosing Signeasy for its ease of use and customer service. Go ahead and start your 14-day free trial of Signeasy. During the trial period, users can sign infinite documents on any device globally. Go ahead and implement eSignature integration for Salesforce and make your sales processes easy, modern, and secure.