Digital Marketing On Mobile: How Does It Work


A key component of digital marketing which can be handled by comrade digital marketing agency for instance is mobile marketing (or mobile marketing or mobile marketing). Because of this, marketers need to understand how to communicate effectively through this channel.

Why Exactly?

86.2% of internet users in the world use their cell phones to access the internet. Meanwhile, 66% of these users’ access sales-related content, such as products and services, over the phone. In addition, websites and online stores optimized to be mobile-friendly and responsive have better search engine rankings (SERPs).

This means it’s essential to optimize all your digital marketing channels – digital ads, website pages, social media content, and more – for mobile devices. As social networks automatically optimize their content to be responsive, building a mobile responsive site is necessary.

Some of the advantages of having a responsive design in your project are:

Content adapts to a variety of devices and different screen sizes.

The content fits on the screen without sliding across the screen’s dimensions or needing to zoom.

It loads faster.

The site is without mobile-specific errors, minimizing customer leakage and boosting your business’ success.

Combining all of this, the result is a consistent and engaging user experience (UX).

Especially when we consider that 46% of mobile internet users abandon the pages, they visit if they don’t load within 10 seconds.

More than that: 34% of potential customers don’t purchase at all if the site they visit isn’t mobile-friendly.

So, make sure the mobile user experience you offer is easy and hassle-free for users. Something that should be taken as a priority in the world of digital marketing.

Google Website Speed ​​Test Tool

Below are the steps you can take to have a responsive website:

Before proceeding, check whether or not your site is already responsive. Google offers a free mobile responsiveness testing tool to help you better optimize your website for mobile devices.

If your website passes the test, you need to optimize your content to adapt it to mobile. Do this by reconsidering the size of your content, not using flash media and structures or pop-up ads.

If your content has not been optimized for mobile devices, you can start fixing this issue. First, make sure it loads quickly; so that it is easy to navigate and allows you to be easily contacted.

Also, you can change your website theme to a mobile-friendly theme if you are using WordPress.

So, it’s time to start optimizing your mobile ads and start running your digital marketing campaign.

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