Creating content that gets shared and helps get quality backlinks!


When Aladdin met Jafar at the last stage for her queen, he got presented a deal. Jafar said, “Take your queen but in exchange create quality backlinks for my new website about my palace.” Those who were there say that Aladdin had come out without her queen that day. Well, we understand his take. Such is how hard link building is that big businesses often invest to buy quality backlinks, USA. But why is so? We asked PLB about it. PerfectLink Building is one of the best link building company and it said that this — one big reason that people fail to get backlinks is their content creation quality. But then, how exactly do you create content of some class?

Pro tip – Content does not include text alone.

What do we mean by content is the king?

We often hear it these days that content is the king. How much truth is in it? And what does it exactly mean?

Let’s go back some ten to fifteen years when the internet was new and attracting lots of eyes. People wanted to see what it means and know what it can do. Some people saw fun in it and some people saw immense potential. And when it came to businesses, people saw mega loopholes that were exploitable. The internet had much reach back then but rarely had it any policies. Google was coming to a rise back then and thus it was being a little gentle to the world. It was not strong enough to block the exploiters.

So, the thing came out that Google uses keywords and backlinks to rank websites on the search page. And then what? People started exploiting it to the core by writing content by stuffing their targeted keywords in it. And about backlinks? People started creating hundreds of fake websites and then started linking them. It gave way to poor quality content to rise because the focus was on creating content in huge quantities.

But now things have started to change and the focus has shifted from quantity to quality. Thus, bad quality content is falling down from the top of SERP. People are looking to buy quality backlinks (USA) instead of bulk backlinks at a very cheap price. So, how actually do you create high quality content that people share and earn you backlinks, quality backlinks?

Tips to create content that earn quality backlinks!

When we talk about quality content, we talk about everything that is visible on the screen. Many people consider content to be text alone. Know that text is a major part of the content but is not the complete content. Here is what content could include –

  • Text
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Interactive graphics
  • web design
  • coding

So, when we talk about creating top quality content, we talk about using these elements where required. The idea must be to convey the message and bring clarity using what is required at a point of time. When you buy quality backlinks (USA) you rarely need to take care of these. Why? Because you anyhow are getting quality backlinks. You are doing this because it is saving you time and effort. But when you try earning quality backlinks, you need to create, you must create, quality content. Here are the tips that you need to take care of .

1 – Use Narrative techniques!

Narrative techniques are used to shape any piece of writing into a piece of literature. We do not want to feel as if we are talking to a robot. There must be life in the words that are on the screen. If you are able to bring neural waves into the emotional part of your readers’ brains, then you are going to be remembered for long. We have evolved like this. And people are likely to share things that move them emotionally. It then helps getting quality backlinks.

So, what are some narrative techniques?

  • Use of imagery
  • Using surprise and cliffhanger
  • storytelling (use of dialogues or speaking about some event)
  • revelation
  • Use of 3-act or 4-act structure.
  • Metaphors and other literary devices (where necessary)
  • Being natural (natural does not mean raw and unmanaged)
  • Use a title that is classy, captivating, as well as irresistible.

2 – Use other mediums of communication!

As we have discussed above that content does not mean text alone. If you just observe the Google search page, there remain certain sections there – images, videos, news, maps, etc. They are there for a reason. And the reason is to help people. You first have to decide which medium could work best for the message you are trying to deliver. Apart from it, you also have to know what your users are able to see. If you are targeting a crowd that has low internet speed, you’d not want to use videos and high quality images. These will take time, huge time, to load. But these days the internet is not the issue, the content quality is.

Embed a video if this is what is required. For example, if you are writing an article about a science experiment, make sure you include a video alongside your text.

Images should be used in most of the cases but not in every case. For example, if you deal in products then you might want to use images. People look for products using Google image section a lot. When images are good and shareable, they help earn quality backlinks.

3 – Do not post outdated content!

If you are not posting content that is updated then you are going to see some ignorance. We rarely share things that are outdated. The world is at some bullet pace and you’d have to be a mile ahead of this bullet. If a website is what you are focusing upon, focus upon it in totality. Breathe in the subject you are in and breathe out its future. People love those who not only stay updated but even predict their subject. It gives off a smell that reminds people of mystic like expertise.

Try to capitalize on trends as they are like a flash flood. You would want to make full use of this flash flood.

4 – You are lying!

Do not do anything for the sake of backlinks. If you are using facts, make sure they are from a reputable source. People might fall for your lies for the first few days, but then the tragedy will start taking place. The vision should not be of the short term but the long one. Do not lie. And do not even speak half the truth. No matter how much people lie themselves, they love those who speak truth and truth alone. Hypocrisy but a bitter pill to swallow.

Follow these few things and you will be able to create content that people will love and share. And once people start to share things, quality backlinks start to flow in. If you are thinking to buy quality backlinks (USA) then make sure they are of high DA and PA, with niche websites, and from a reputable company. There are scammers around that you might fall for. If you hear people selling 50 backlinks for 5$, bite on your hand and run away crying, but do not accept the offer. PLB says the focus must be to bring quality. It is a community on rise and you must be a responsible citizen of this community. PerfectLink Building is one of the best link building company and you might want to consult them for your digital issues.

At last, Content is the king, and will be the king.

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