All About You: Inside the World of Yubo, Generation Z’s Favorite New Application For Friendships


The online marketplace for social media is so crowded as to be almost impossible to discuss. With legacy platforms like Facebook and Twitter jockeying for users, it has left room for targeted platforms like Yubo to flourish within the crowd.

Yubo is a departure from your traditional social media experience. Geared toward younger users of the Generation Z demographic, Yubo seeks to foster engagement between online individuals to help create new connections, new friendships, and better outcomes.

Introducing Yubo

Yubo was developed by a group of friends from France before it was fully launched in 2015. With a focus on livestreaming audio and video content, Yubo is all about making instant connections while trying to emulate how people meet one another in real life.

Yubo is particularly notable because various technological enhancements and a genuine and present focus on user safety and satisfaction protect it.

Users wanting to enjoy the Yubo experience must sign up and have their ID approved. Users suspected of circumventing the age gate requirements of Yubo will have their accounts terminated.

Yubo seeks to make connections between individuals more accessible than ever, providing them a comfortable space to grow their social circle.

Despite its range of social media features, including a swiping function, Yubo is not a dating application and does not intend to operate as one. Yubo emphasizes its focus as a livestreaming and social discovery application designed to help young adults meet in a safe and comforting space.

Creating Safer Outcomes,

Yubo utilizes a range of best-in-class safety features to ensure its users are always comfortable and secure while on the platform.

Aside from age-gating requirements, Yubo has a team of Human Safety Specialists to respond to live-streamed audio and video content. Human Safety Specialists can quickly intervene where their attention is needed through this function. From monitoring for trigger phrases to looking out for harmful behavior, these specialists help keep users safe.

In addition to its Human Safety Specialists, the team at Yubo relies on a series of advanced reporting tools and privacy settings. Yubo automatically turns off location settings for minors while offering guides on staying safe online along the way. Yubo adds, “Lean on your parents or other adults you trust, like another family relative or your teacher at school.”

Yubo writes, “A good rule of thumb is to keep your personal information private.”

Yubo refers to its Community Guidelines as a Living Document as it intends to constantly update it to address potential violations while ensuring user safety and comfort.

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