All About Transcribing Zoom Conference Calls


Many business owners are reluctant to create a transcript of their Zoom conference calls. But by incorporating this feature into Zoom meetings, you can ensure accountability, transparency, and accessibility for individuals with disabilities. To be more efficient and increase productivity, transcribe your Zoom meetings.

It Ensures Accountability.

Transcribing Zoom conferences through Zoom transcription software ensures the accountability of your meeting notes. Meetings on Zoom have become an essential part of the workplace. A professional transcription service will ensure that your meetings are documented and properly attributed. This will ensure that no one misses any crucial details or information.

Zoom provides many features that make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. Among them are automatic transcription and advanced audio sharing. This way, your participants won’t have to spend much time figuring out how to record Zoom sessions. The software also lets you edit audio files and record conference calls for up to 20 hours. Transcribing Zoom conference calls ensures the accountability of your meetings. Some industries require that legal and financial industries transcribe conference calls which can give you an edge in these fields.

It Ensures Accessibility For People With Disabilities.

When setting up a Zoom conference call, it is imperative to provide adequate accessibility. Therefore, the tools you use to set up a Zoom conference call should provide documentation that outlines the accessibility features available to participants. If you decide to use Zoom, you’ll need to consider transcription for those who require a transcript. You can either make transcriptions available live or post-meeting. You can also use computer captioning to make your Zoom sessions more accessible for people with disabilities. While computer captioning is an effective way to make your Zoom meeting more accessible for people with disabilities, you should never use it as a substitute for human live captioning. For people with hearing and vision disabilities, joining a Zoom meeting can be challenging. Fortunately, Zoom has an email link that makes it easy to join the meeting.

Zoom hosts with education, business, or enterprise license can enable automatic transcription. This lets users record their meetings in the cloud and generate searchable transcripts. If you do not use this feature, you can still record your Zoom meetings with the Zoom app.

It Ensures Transparency

Transcribing Zoom conference calls is crucial in building a transparent business. Transparency helps companies grow because everyone assumes accountability for their actions. In addition, transcripts of meetings will allow you to share important information with customers, employees, and other stakeholders. This can strengthen the reputation of your business and increase employee engagement. Transcribing meetings will help you find new ideas and improve your products and services. To transcribe your Zoom conference calls, you must first inform the participants you are recording. Zoom will automatically notify attendees at the beginning of the call, but it’s best to inform them that the call is being recorded verbally. If they don’t consent, Zoom will deny them access to the recording.

Fortunately, Zoom has an easy solution for this. Its new tool makes recording Zoom meetings easy. Using this service, you can transcribe your calls in minutes and share them with anyone. The recordings will be timestamped so that participants can quickly identify relevant moments. In addition, you can tag teammates and create short clips for each meeting. These videos can be ten times faster to share with others than complete recordings.

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